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The Importance of Digital Analytics for Your Business in our data driven world

What we'll cover today

What is Digital Analytics?

How can Digital Analytics Help

  • Track data from all of your different channels

  • Answer Questions & Identify Opportunity

  • Measure Online Traffic

  • Improve Website Funnel & Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Understand your users

How can ATRIA Analytics help?

What is Digital Analytics?

Digital analytics is the process of collecting and analysing online data from multiple sources in order to inform product and marketing strategies. Companies of all sizes are able to use digital analytics for a variety of uses such as, improving conversion rate, encouraging experimentation, minimising website exits, and increasing the value of existing customers.


How can Digital Analytics Help

Track data from all of your different channels

You can utilise a tag management system like Google Tag Manager to track your website, social media, paid and organic search in order to improve all aspects of your online presence.

These tag management systems allow you to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known as tags on your website or mobile app.

Answer Questions & Identify Opportunity

Digital analytics can tell you what you’re doing right and what you're doing wrong. What is working and not working on all aspects of your online presence, from marketing, to social media, content, email marketing and more.

Digital analytics can help to answer important business questions.

o Why did this page spike?

o Where are users exiting?

o Why aren't users completing a business goal?

o Where should I focus my marketing efforts on?

With the help of digital analytics, you can drive your ROI by gaining insight into how well your campaigns are performing and why they may not be working as well as expected. We can help your business find potential problems on your website and online services. An unlear or messy checkout funnel on an e-commerce site will decrease the number of transactions, which in turn will result in less revenue. With the help of your web data, you can pinpoint which section of the funnel users leave from.

Digital analytics can help to improve your internal site search, with search data you can understand the keywords that your users search for where no results return. With this information you can add relevant products to these keywords or even add products you previously didn't stock and improve your chance of a conversion.

Measure Online Traffic

Identify the metrics that matter and understand your key performance indicators. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the vast reports that can be utilised in analytics tools, so you need to know which of these metrics are important to your business. If the goal of your website is to drive leads, you should focus on the conversion rate, or how much your website can convert visitors into leads. A high conversion rate means your website is performing well.

You may have a clear goal and KPIs in mind, but it helps to check other metrics that may lead to conversions and here are some examples:

  • Visits – total number of visits to your website at a given period, which also include multiple visits from a single user.

  • Unique visitors – an individual visitor coming to your website for a specific period. If a visitor enter your site 5 times, they will be measured as one visitor.

  • Page views – number of times a specific webpage has been viewed.

  • Page/visit – tells you the average number of pages viewed during a visit.

  • Traffic sources – lets you know where traffic is coming from, either Direct (user types in your URL into the browser or has the website bookmarked), Referral (traffic from other sites or social media platforms that link to you) and Organic (traffic that came from search engines). This is a good way to track your marketing strategies and identify the best social media channels to market your business.

  • Bounce rate – the percentage of visitors who left after viewing only one page. High bounce rates could point to many different issues; poor designs and irrelevant content can cause a user to bounce from your website.

  • Landing pages – visitors’ point of entry to your site. The page with the highest number of entries may be the most relevant to visitors’ search queries.

Improve Website Funnel & Conversion Rate Optimisation

Only through the use of digital analytics, websites can improve their conversion optimizations. The goal of CRO is to make users do tasks assigned to them. The conversion rate is calculated when received goals are divided by the total number of visitors to your website.

There are many conversions a website should measure, and every business should measure those that are most important to their business.

A list of few conversion anyone can start with:

• Every step of a sales funnel (add to carts, purchases, product views, etc.)

• Leads

• Newsletter sign ups

• Registrations

• Video Views

• Brochure downloads

• Clicks on text-links

• Bids and offers

• Event registrations

• Spent time on a website

• Shares on social media

• Contacts from contact forms.

Understand your users

Digital analytics allows businesses to understand different user groups, allowing you to segment different types of users, tailoring their experience depending on behaviour. Analytics tools tell us how visitors interact with your website, what actions they took and what pages they view in order to show different designs and pages to individuals.

You can understand their interests online, enabling your business to advertise on the appropriate platforms. If your website is an ecommerce platform and you sell business supplies like packaging, you may want to understand what other websites your users visit and what they google. By using audience analytics you might find that your main demographic is males between 25 & 50, whose main interests is sports. This information enables you make the decision to advertise on sports websites which will allow customers to click through to your site and increase chances of purchase.

How can ATRIA Analytics help?

ATRIA ANALYTICS assist clients in unlocking their true potential, using data to increase digital performance and gain a competitive edge. We are a digital analytics consultancy that specialise in Performance Analytics, Tag Management & Conversion Rate Optimisation.

We ensure your current analytics is gathering data accurately and efficiently. We will set up accurate data gathering of your digital services in order to analyse customer journeys and highlight pain points to identify improvements for your valued customers.

Get in touch now to get ahead of competitors, with recommended growth opportunities from the insights we discover

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